Fighting Foreclosure

Do you Need to Fight a Foreclosure?

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Are you unable to afford your home and are at risk of foreclosure? Are you wondering what’s the best way to stop it? At RDU Home Buyers, we can help you to fight foreclosure and avoid the stigma that comes with going through this process. We will show you what options you have to approach the situation you are currently facing.

It’s never too late to Stop a Foreclosure

RDU Home Buyers can come in even at the very last stage of your foreclosure process. We have dealt with many homeowners who are facing the foreclosure process. The longer you wait, the more you lose. Give us a call and we will help you to address the challenge that is in front of you. Having bought homes from borrowers who had delinquent mortgages, we understand just how lenders and banks work.

We will help you to determine the available options to take in order to stop foreclosure. You may even qualify for a short sale in order to avoid a foreclosure and qualify for a new mortgage in the near future.

Let’s offer you a fair cash offer

RDU Home Buyers has a team of qualified experts who understand how borrowers can fight foreclosure. When you choose to work with us, we will give you a suitable cash offer within just 24 hours. Rather than stress out about the pending mortgage payments or deal with banks and lenders that can be so frustrating, we take the burden off your shoulders.

Not only are we available to help you throughout the selling process, we are effective having dealt with similar cases before. Once you have received the foreclosure notice, give us a call and we will show you how to proceed. Our goal is to help you get things right back on track.

House is damaged? It doesn’t matter

Even if the property is not in perfect shape, we can still help you sell it in no time. We can even buy the home from you if it’s not viable to buyers in the market. There’s no need to stress at the first foreclosure notice you receive. Just have the right people working with you and you’ll sort out the issue in no time.

RDU Home Buyers can be your partner if you have received a foreclosure notice or you are falling behind payments. Give us a call and we will discuss the options you have.


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